1. Steel piers regularly achieve 30 ft depths generally resulting on hitting bedrock
  2. Additional depth of steel is achieved by utilizing a friction reduction collar. Removing the friction along the pier wall, the pier can pushed until load bearing stratum is reached
  3. Steel piers are not friction piers. They are end bearing piers, this means they sit on load be strata
  4. Piers consist of double walled steel pipe. Inn pipe is 2 3/8” diameter, outside pipe 2 7/8”
If you are choosing the Platinum Option, then you are choosing the best quality, strongest and most durable option. In Texas and your foundation, its not will you have to do repairs, its WHEN. Our soils are very volatile and can cause our homes to do all sorts of interesting things. In addition all soils in Texas are not equal. In one area of town you could have reasonable soil that does the typical damage to your foundation, and just down the street you could have soil present that will twist you up in knots. A steel pier is your best solution. With steel we can penetrate further down than concrete, not to mention that with steel you don’t worry about the failure of the pier because of the incredible strength and durability that is provided. Putting your home on bedrock means that your foundation will not feel the same shifts that others do that are not on bedrock. Coupled with the right irrigation systems, proper maintenance and of course done by a company that can deliver, your home on steel piers, is the best you can do for you and your family.