1. Our best VALUE plan
  2. Use of both steel & concrete
  3. Utilizing the steel allows for penetration into the soil to be 50% deeper
  4. Strength and penetration of steel mixed  with the value of concrete pressed pilings
The Gold option is the best value option. We all like great value when we buy and this pier choice provides the best of two options. We all know that steel is stronger than concrete, simple. You may also know that it is considerably more expensive. Why do people choose steel over concrete? Steel being as strong as it is can provide the necessary strength in consideration to weight applied to your foundation. In addition to strength steel can penetrate further into the soil than concrete, all the way to bedrock in fact. Why do people choose concrete? Simple, it doesn’t cost as much as the steel option, it is pushed to refusal, which isn’t necessarily bedrock. So if you are of the mind to think you need steel, but like the concrete price, then the Gold pier option is your best bet. By utilizing the steel to penetrate we can get further than a typical concrete pier, but not as far as a pure steel option (see our Platinum Option). The further down you go the better. But instead of using all steel, we use concrete in conjunction to help with the cost.